I have been pondering Torontogirl's thread on the psychological discomfort of some clothes/outfits lately (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....t-question) although I don't think I ever commented.

In December I found myself in need (more accurately "want") of a dress to wear to a wedding so I did some last minute shopping. Of course I knew about this months in advance but was sure that something in my closet would work. I could have come up with something, but frankly, I just wanted something new and fresh that I hadn't worn to work or church countless time before. At the eleventh hour, I found myself at a crossroads - buy the dress in the style and color that was closest to what I was looking for/comfortable with but was in a fabric that looked and felt cheap, go with the one that fit beautifully and looked more expensive but was outside of my psychological comfort zone, or go home empty handed and shop my closet. I went with option two, and have just worn it to a second wedding last weekend.

These photos are not good - it was at the end of the night with poor lighting - but they give an idea. I got more compliments on this crazy dress, and when I wore it I felt pretty and could tell that it worked on me. But the truth of the matter is that I don't love the color or shape and I don't feel like my best me in it. Still, I did feel good in it because it was pleasing to other people and was flattering, and I have no regrets. I was faced with three less than perfect scenarios and had to sacrifice something... Quality, Special-ness, or Psychological comfort. I would have preferred to check off all of the boxes, but in a less than perfect scenario, I ended up feeling quite good. I discovered that it is possible for something to be the psychologically comfortable equivalent to "just flattering enough".

PS: My favorite part of this dress is the Angie-nod to book-ending my hair. The imaginary Angie that now lives in my head was nodding a vigorous approval (and she was making very unhappy noises over the fabric on the other dress). I have discovered that Imaginary Angie is getting very good at cutting through the dressing room mayhem... And she tactfully reminded me that if I want to keep from having to make sacrifices, then perhaps next time I should not procrastinate.

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