Hi all --

I've mentioned here and there I started a new job a few months ago. Unseasonably warm weather + a slightly more conservative environment (and very conservatively dressing boss) + turnover of older beloved warm weather items = me hitting the sales pretty hard for a while.

The irony of spending the last few years ADDING more print and color to my wardrobe of neutral solids only to have to spend money on pieces that work in an all-quiet ensemble was not lost on me.

I'm not showing the *most* boring outfits, don't worry.

Since I'm a corporate creative I feel I do have some leeway in clothing as expression...and now that people know me a bit better as "me" I'm introducing some of the more vivid stuff. I'm still trying to follow a "1 eye-catching item per outfit" rule for at least a while, however. Don't want to scare the horses!

  • stick to my color palette for easy integration into current work pieces
  • buy printed pieces with a mix of dark/light colors to make spring-to- summer and summer-to-fall transition periods easier
  • cherry-pick color trends (deep green/taupe/medium purple)
  • get more of trends I've enjoyed for a few years, like high-low hems and sheer blouses + add lace item
  • keep my 3 style personas -- Contrarian Classicist, Minimalist Magpie, and Persnickety Bohemian -- at least a little happy
  • blue/green sleeveless silk tropical print button up shirt (hi Suz!) shown with blue leather work bag big enough to pack all my crap (needed replacement bag)
  • navy straight leg tropical wool pants
  • [splurge buy despite mega-markdown] white boho luxe silk blouse
  • lightweight taupe blazer
  • blue/purple/taupe floral print tank
  • white/taupe lace pencil skirt
  • Black tropical wool sheath dress
  • black/brown/taupe leaf print dress
  • sheer purple/grey print top (truly too big for me but I fell in love with the print and it was $15, so I violated my rule and wear it knotted high or low)
It's a lot, I know, but all the new stuff really mixes in with the older stuff (shown and not shown!).

I think everything's self explanatory aside from:
  • #2: left side is for play not work
  • #9 is me showing Hue's TAUPE fishnets, so much better for super-pale cool-toned me than the usual fishnet color
  • #10: me trying and failing to show the sheer shirt's awesome boho belled sleeves in action
  • #11: Sheer Shirt Work Version is with purple sheath dress, other shots are for play
Thanks for looking and/or reading; comments or questions welcome.