Today was crazy. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was up with DS2 and the kids starting at 6:30 am, fed them breakfast and was starting to get the kids ready. I thought we just had to take DD to ballet at 11:30--then I suddenly remembered at 9:50 that also she had chess class at 10. (She is on the chess team, so the instructor has asked that they attend Sat morning classes this fall, but it conflicts with her ballet class, which she likes because her friends are there, so we are only doing one hour instead of two). DH drove her there--she was 15 min late and the instructor was calling me asking where she was because they were waiting for her. Oops. Came back and we all drove out to pick her up and take her to ballet. Then I got a call from work--where are you, we are all interviewing a new candidate? Oh no, I forgot! Cr@p, I am not dressed for work or to meet a new candidate! Quickly dropped DD off at ballet, then DH drove me to the office, I stayed there for 1/2 hour while he got gas and stayed with the boys in the car. Had to leave early to go pick up DD, then we went to a birthday party...I had forgotten about it until after we left, so I didn't bring the present or dairy-free food for DS (he is allergic). So I just peeled the cheese off the pizza and let him have a doughnut (they had doughnuts instead of cake). I think he is starting to outgrow his allergy so I am letting have a bit of baked-in milk once in a while. DS2 did not really get fed all morning and the boys were in the car for almost 2 hours with all that driving around. Gah! Thank goodness DH let me nap this afternoon while he cooked dinner. I needed it after today!

I was not really happy with my outfit today, for several reasons. Top one being that I would not have chosen it if I knew I was going to work. I just plain forgot. Everyone else was dressed casually too (except the interviewee), but I would have liked to dress a little nicer. Second, DH did not like it. He told me that he really doesn't like it when I wear camo. I didn't realize he had a poison eye for it and asked why. He said it looks cheap and makes me look low-class. Great, now what? I just bought these camo jeans and have worn them twice. But I bought it for MOTG and if he hates it, when would I really wear it? If it was something I really loved, I would fight for it even if he didn't like it and tolerate the teasing (like the H&M floral pants). But I am not so sure these are really my style. Maybe it's too aggressive and tomboy for my style. The denim moto jacket I'm not sure about either--now that I wore it and look at the pics, I feel like it's a little too boxy and strong-shouldered and boyish. It doesn't look as feminine as the white DP jacket or Halogen knit moto. Dang it's too late to return either of them since the tags are off (I did return the rest of the Gap stuff I posted earlier). And I bought this camo Diaper Dude diaper bag several months ago so that DH and I could share it, but since he doesn't like camo he won't use it. I just did not feel super fab today in this outfit--analysis/suggestions welcome!

What should I do? I am not having much luck lately with my recent purchases!
Yay=keep the camo skinnies and wear when DH is not around
Nay=get rid of them, they don't fit with your style and DH hates them

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