Guilty confession: I told you I was a very bad girl and splurged on a few handbags, which is why I'm not planning to buy any more clothes this year if I can help it, since I've blown my yearly fashion budget. Here is one of them (the most expensive one!). I went to Hermes looking for a Collier de Chien bracelet a couple weeks ago. I met a nice SA and ended up with not one but two bracelets (which you've seen now in my WIWs) and then she also showed me some handbags. Well, I fell in love with an orange one that is just gorgeous. It's called the Jypsiere and is a messenger bag designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. It has elements of both the Birkin and Kelly bags (both of which you can't get unless you're a VIP customer and spend lots of $$ there before they'll even offer you one). After I went home, I started wondering if I should bring it back, because I already have an orange MZ Wallace. I've used the heck out of it as a diaper bag, and I was worried it was an unnecessary duplication. But I didn't realize how dirty and beat up it's gotten till I pulled it out to take a comparison pic. I brought the Hermes bag back to the store to see if there were any alternative bags I liked better (unfortunately no returns allowed, only exchanges!). I tried a bunch of other bags, but in the end this one was the best fit for me both style and color wise. So I decided to keep it. Hopefully these two orange bags are different enough that I can justify keeping both? Since I've used my old orange bag a ton, I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of this new one too! I'll still keep the old one for excursions with the kids (it fits a lot more and has lots of compartments), but use the new one for work and fancier events. Oh, and when I went back to do the possible return, my SA surprised me with a wallet that she saved for me because she thought it would be perfect for me. It's a gorgeous blue Kelly wallet. And I also ended up with a scarf that matches both the bag and wallet. This store is super dangerous for my wallet...I need to stop visiting there! Hope you all don't think I was foolish to buy such an expensive bag...I'll keep it forever and my daughter is already asking if she can inherit it!

I'll do a proper WIW with my new bag later this month! Super excited!

Halogen floral sweater, Jolt navy peacoat
Kut from the Kloth white bootcut jeans
WHBM silver bracelet
Clarks sandals
MZ Wallace Tribeca
Hermes Jyspiere 31 Orange Poppy
Hermes Kelly wallet Colvert

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