OK, all this talk of how to strip outfits of bombshell style has me riled up! I am surprised at the negative reaction the word bombshell generated (see Angie's thread http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ombination) and that someone said bombshell cannot be ladylike. Or that bombshell equals tight or sexy clothes. Or that you have to be a voluptuous sexpot to be a bombshell. I am not busty or curvy or an hourglass, but I am a bombshell and proud of it!

Let's see...bombshell elements:
Ruffled peplum polka dot jacket with nipped waist and belted--check
Red satin blouse (with leopard print lining)--check
Double dose of leopard (belt and high heel pumps)--check
Pencil skirt with flirty back flare--check
Sassy pose with hand on the hip--check

White House Black Market pindot jacket and pencil skirt
WHBM red satin tee
Loehmann's leopard belt
Black necklace
Fossil red tote
B Makowsky Heist leopard pumps with strap and red trim (although I had to make a practical concession and switch to Stuart Weitzman red Giveable ballet flats since I was on call at the hospital and on my feet and walking around all day)

I always thought that bombshell was ultra-ladylike and super feminine! For me bombshell is all about waist definition to create an hourglass figure and a hint of retro and glamour, like the 40's pinup girls or 50's stars like Marilyn. And maybe some red and leopard and faux fur thrown in once in a while. Fun and flirty and a little girly and sensual. Of course, there is the voluptuous sexpot look, but I don't think that defines bombshell. I guess that's why I'm a demure bombshell, since I am neither voluptuous nor sexpot! My bombshell style aspiration is the 1940's secretary look.

So, what do you think? Bombshell enough for you?

ETA: LOL I am not mad at you guys! Just fired up! And what true bombshell isn't a little fiery?

ETAA: OK I think I figured out why I am having this strong reaction to the comments in Angie's thread. I think it's because my mom tends to dress in the style that people were equating with bombshell--she is kinda busty (esp as she has gotten older) and dresses in flashy clothes that are a little too tight and low cut and a little young for her age. Her style is diva glam bombshell at its best, and Peggy Bundy bombshell at its worst. Whereas my style is also bombshell, but very demure and ladylike. I don't like it when DH says I'm dressing just like my mom, because I don't! OK, that's my 5-cent psychoanalysis.

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