I actually had two other outfits planned for today. The first one was for heavy rain which we ended up not having (that outfit will come out to play soon enough), and the second I decided was perfect to wear this Saturday for the epic shopping day. Then I got myself stumped, having apparently used all of my creative energy on those other two outfits. Was in the mood for cozy+exposed legs, this knit skirt was the perfect solution.

The top is less cozy I suppose, but it has a roomy and comfortable fit. I am still feeling reluctant to really start with the sweaters, so I looked at my other options. I haven't worn this chambray shirt in, goodness, nearly two years? No particular reason other than I just haven't been in the mood for it. It's actually rather long, and this skirt band sits at my natural waist which is rather high. That coupling makes semi-tucking an interesting challenge, solved by by tucking just the bottom of the shirt all along the front, and letting it drape over; makes for a nice faux high-low look. Light supporting cast because that's what makes me happiest: nude peep-toe oxford shoeties to ward off the rain (that's how it works, right??), large cream/black hoops, and white spiked purse. Finished off with a swipe of autumnal plum gloss.
   Newer: purse
   Older: everything else

Bonus hair photos that show the cut a bit better; I lightened up the photos so the short top layers (I don't usually go that short for longer cuts) are more visible. A much less dramatic angle than before, and more of the the shorter pieces in front so the long part is closer to my shoulders instead of more in line with my chin. We also changed the part up a bit; I had been parting straight back on the side, now the part starts from the same spot but cuts back diagonally across the other way. Subtle differences to most, but it feels pretty different to me

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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