It was amazing both to participate and see how others were inspired in the Summer Picture Perfect Challenge! I loved taking inspiration from these pieces, but I did find that I spent MORE time in the morning because I wanted each interpretation to be a worthy artistic tribute to each piece of art (does that make sense?). Still, these are all items that wouldn't have been paired together without the exercise, and I am happy with how the outfits turned out. And I also have several new tools in my arsenal for which I am very grateful

EDIT: I also wanted to keep with my not wearing black as a primary neutral, which made this even more challenging. I learned a lot from it!

  1. Monday (discussed here). Worn to work then out for tacos with a group of friends. They said this outfit gave them a "hippie meets Miami Vice" vibe
  2. Inspiration for #1: Richard Avedon's "Dovima with elephants"
  3. Tuesday (discussed here). Worn to work then helping my sister study for midterms.
  4. Inspiration for #3: Edward Steichen's "The Pond-Moonlight"
  5. Wednesday (discussed here). Worn to work then out to dinner on the waterfront with my husband Just Because.
  6. Inspiration for #5: Richard Prince's "Untitled (Cowboy)"
  7. Thursday (discussed here). Worn to work.
  8. Inspiration for #7: Andreas Gursky's "99 Cent II Diptychon"
  9. Friday (discussed here). Worn to work, then date night with my hubby: dinner at a local brewery, then brewing our own batch of spiced hard apple cider at home.
  10. Inspiration for #9: Peter Lik's "One"

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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