Hope you've all had a great week! These are actually the outfits I wore LAST week. My apologies for including so many photos in one post but it's been super busy at work so I didn't have time to split these across two posts like I'd planned.

  1. Mon, worn to work and out for tacos. Dark wash flares are now put away for the season, light wash flares are back in rotation! Also getting the furry vest back in.
  2. Tue, worn to work and run some errands. Sneaking in a couple more wool shorts looks on cooler days.
  3. Wed, worn to work. Also sneaking in a couple more tall boots looks while I still can
  4. Thu, worn to work and then to an arena football game. Ran into a friend I haven't seen for a few years who commented I "still dress like Aida". Not sure to take that as a good or bad thing since last I saw him I hadn't started my big style overhaul. Hubby didn't help by saying "maybe it's because you still dress weird" -_-
  5. Fri, worn to work, then double-date with my sis to a comedy show at the Tulalip Casino, then out for burgers. Hubby and I felt underdressed at the show, even though we were dressier than most of the people there.
  6. Sat, worn to a birthday BBQ for one of my good friends. One and only outing of these poor booties, at least in this color. I will post an update about them this weekend!
  7. Sun, worn to easter dinner at my folks'. I don't really wear pastels, so this was about as eastery as I could manage.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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