A few outfits from the end of last week and this past weekend. We've been having some tumultuous weather, sunny one day, torrential rain the next. Ahh, spring in the PNW.

  1. Wednesday, worn to work. A variation on my taupe shorts+tall boots outfit from last week, but this time the color is from the jacket instead of the scarf. This is a new scarf with a fun bird print (you can find it here in black, navy, and this here taupe!). It was warm enough to wear textured hose instead of sweater tights, yay!
  2. Thursday, worn to work. Pouring, POURING rain this day hence the goofy left pose because there was just no way I could get more than a couple shots. This outfit was inspired by Joy's cute graphic tee outfit!
  3. Friday, worn to work and out for date night dinner. Wanted to give this cashmere sweater one last spin before putting it away for the season. The buttoned up collar felt very cheeky I really like how the purple looks with my fuchsia/orange nails.
  4. Saturday, worn to breakfast, a couple home improvement stores, lunch, and gardening (yep). I'm sure you gals will find that story amusing: someone ran into our mailbox and we had to buy a new one, so we also bought some pretty flowers for the yard. When we got home I told David that I wanted to take my outfit photos and then change before planting, and he gave me the "I'll be done with this by the time you're done" look. So I planted flowers for an hour in my trench and 3" heels (took the scarf and purse off, at least). You can see a few of the flowers behind me in the photos ^^

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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