Well as most of you know we had snow in Seattle last week I love love love snow, but have little in my wardrobe (besides snowboarding gear) to accommodate it because we really don't get much. It was an interesting challenge, and I feel for those of you who have proper winters with long-term snow to deal with!

  1. Sunday, 15th. Worn for a walk at night before the really heavy snow fell.
  2. Monday, 16th. Worn out to dinner, again not too much snow yet.
  3. Tuesday, 17th. Now we have some good snow! My usual photo space is barely recognizable Worn for a nearly full day of playing in the snow, so I opted for gear.
  4. Had to shovel the driveway, so why not build a snow fort... and then drive the car through it? 0:)
  5. Also walked down to the water (Puget Sound), which was just a beautiful view with the snow.
  6. Thursday, 19th. Worn to the grocery store to restock. Lots of abandoned cars in the parking lot, and tons of snow on my street.
  7. The most snow I've seen here in a long, long time!
  8. Friday, 20th. Worn out for date night dinner. The rain started up and the snow started melting, but still pretty icy out. I have to say, sweater dresses are awesomely warm and comfy for snow days!
  9. Saturday, 14th. Bonus kitty in the snow when it first started photos ^^ He really likes snow, for some reason!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

EDIT: Yowza, those photos are BIG!

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