Sorry, no pics. I put together 3 items that I had bought on sale this fall:

Fall-colored dress with hues of gray, camel and teal in it:

Jacket trimmed in faux black leather:

Black boots:

A note about the boots: My DDs said the boots looked like "old lady boots," but I was happy both with the way they looked and with how comfortable they were. I wore them all day, and my feet never bothered me. That's saying something because I spent the greater part of the day on my feet, either walking or standing. Also, we had pictures taken outside, and these boots were perfect for walking out there; the thicker heels didn't sink into the lawn. They're definite keepers.

Accessories: I kept the jewelry simple--a gold chain and a pair of gold post button earrings. I opted to carry a metallic-colored leather clutch that seems to go well with either gold or silver jewelry.