DH and I have a "date night" for tonight. He just surprised me with VIP tickets to this event:


Woo-hoo!! He knows exactly what will make me smile. Gotta love him.

I have a very busy day again today, which includes an appt this morning where I have to dress a bit conservatively and not pull out all the stops. I will have to change before going out to this event later. The event says "trendy and chic" attire.

I have yet to bring my fall clothing from storage and will have zero time to go digging or ironing. So it needs to be something currently in my closet. Weather report for tonight looks like Fall - won't get above 60 today and will be in the 50s tonight.

And unfortunately the Paris jacket is at the tailors until Monday, so that one is OUT. Darn.

My DH really wants me to go with flat shoes because there is a high likelihood we will have to do some hiking - on cobblestones, no less.

Here's what I'm thinking:

- New Nanette Lapore black jacket


(I know it's hard to see with the assymetrical top underneath, but I think this will work)

- New AT black & grey blouse with straight leg jeans


- and either the new Aerosole grey spectator pumps (they arrived... they are comfy... but they are heels)


- or the Stuart Weisman faux snake-skin-tipped flats... but is that too much going on with the blouse?


- or the red aerosole patent wedges I'm wearing in the photo with the AT blouse...

Purse ... probably my Cream coach bag....

However, I am wide open to suggestions!!!! You can see my entire photostream here if you want to dig through my "closet" -


As I mentioned, most of my fall stuff is still packed in storage, and there simply will be too little time to drag it out.

P.s. Tanya, Nicole - if you are reading this, it appears there are still tickets available. I know this is incredibly last-minute (we're last-minute people) but email me privately if either of you have any interest in going!