I did my grocery shopping at Wal-mart this weekend, not because I like Wal-mart's grocery selection--in fact, they don't have ANY of the specialty items that I like--but because I wanted to get some guilty pleasure shopping in. As I went through the clothing section, all shifty-eyed, I realized that I was subconsciously worrying about running into some one I know, and that they would catch me seriously clothes shopping at Wal-mart! I laughed out loud at myself thinking that way, soooo silly!

Anyway, found this AWESOME Norma Kamali (for Wal-mart) denim conductor's jacket--it's really well made and it was on clearance for $7--yes, SEVEN DOLLARS! You'll be seeing more of this one! It is so comfortable and fits perfectly (note to Tara--this jacket does not close!!)

I wore it with cream pants, a bright white tank and belt, and cream beads. Have you ever tried wearing an outfit based on different shades of white? It was a first for me; never occurred to me to do this for an outfit base.

Winter white palazzo pants--Victoria's Secret
Blue/white striped conductor's jacket--Norma Kamali for Wal-mart
Cream beads--Wal-mart
White studded elastic belt--Target
White tank--NY&Co.
Pewter gladiators--MIA
Flower pin--home-made by me
White perforated pleather purse--Target