Sorry I don't really have any photos from my trip for Dad's wedding (too much fun for photos! And the professional ones aren't in yet), but aside from the actual party outfit, I wore some version of this trench-skinnies-boots combo the whole time anyway. And then I proceeded to wear this exact outfit for three more days after I returned home. So you really didn't miss much.

Although I haven't been feeling creative (the side effects of meeting and quickly leaving a new, large Italian branch of the family... then coming home to the Boston tragedy on top of my own PTSD issues), I don't count this as much of a style "funk." I've felt appropriate, together, and very much like myself during my time away from work - which has been a relief and a blessing. I sort of realized that I haven't been feeling much like myself, even though so many of you have been excited by and encouraging of my work style. The good news is that I am beginning to understand why.

First, this pixie haircut thing is not for me. I do think I look good in it, but I feel far too gamine. This has definitely influenced my workwear, and I think that is part of why I feel off. As my Dad's lovely wife said this weekend, you wear your hair every single day - far more than any blouse or dress you can buy. I cannot believe I never set my haircuts as a priority before!

Second, as I continue to go to Krav Maga class, I notice that I look a lot different in skin-tight workout wear. There is no draping or skimming or cinching to be had. No optical illusions. All there is is my frame... and I'm not happy with it. I know I'm not a large person, but I'm also not a fit person. I used to be much more active and have a more athletic figure - as someone with "warrior" as one of her main style descriptors, it makes me feel much less confident - and darn near fraudulent - to realize that my body is no longer sporty or warlike at all. This needs to be a priority for me from now on, just as much as the hair.

Third, I am getting a clearer picture of the next leg of my style evolution, and it's a lot. more. classic. There, I said it: classic. But still in an Urban Warrior Princess/Steampunk Girly Tomboy way, if that makes sense. Inspired by men's traditional basics (and imagined traditional basics, as seen from the perspective of a fictitious future dystopia), set in contrast to feminine cuts and details, with a dash of utility/militaria thrown in.

To sum up: I'm still very much in flux. With my job, my style, my body, and my general lifestyle. I wish I wasn't - it'd be nice to settle down and turn on the old auto pilot - but what can be done? For now, at least I've got a direction to plod in.

And if you've stayed with me for this long, thank you! For your infinite patience, I've added some just-for-fun pics of my first baseball outing of the season - some horrible base-running tonight, but a nice night for a game all the same.

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