I tried and am returning the EF solid blue (shown above in teal) tee. Good fit through shoulder, too loose through torso. A common problem. I ordered the VC asymmetrical skirt (currently on sale at Macy’s) and just saw the Roxy pants on sale at Zappos and ordered them. They always get me when they say only 2 left in stock. Because then I come back and they’re gone by the time I want to get them. Both skirt and pants will be easy returns if they don’t work. And if the pants are good, it looks like they’ve got several solids and patterns available. Plus, I ordered the Talbots midi dress I mentioned to Texstyle. Well, I’ll see if anything works out. It’s been on the warm side for this time of year, and that usually means it’s going to be another extra hot summer. I could basically wear these items year round. I don’t even bother shopping for winter. That’s one more good thing about YLF - acknowledging and buying for primary season.

Delurked, I don't know whether you have a short torso/rise as I do, but I empathized when you described your "grandpa pants." I love it when online shopping sites list the rise (some even list back and front rise) measurements. I now know that the usual high-rise is 11" to 14" or even higher. For me, 9-10" (usually considered mid-rise) is waist height, so I've had good luck ordering mid-rise jeans. An added benefit is that most mid-rise jeans are bigger, or at least straighter, in the waist, and fit my aging middle better than most high-rise pants would. Could pose a problem if your waist is narrow, though. As for Spring/Summer clothes, I've gotten nothing new because I'm waiting for the trends I dislike (asymmetrical skirts & dresses with drooping hems and too much fabric, shoulder--baring and oddly cut-out tops, necklines that are either too high or too low, etc) to be supplanted by something well-designed, fresh and wearable (by me!) Meanwhile, I'll stick with friendly old Summer clothes and keep an eye out for interesting vintage pieces.

Tulle - I’ve got a long torso and short/average rise, I believe. I also find mid rise works well for me. I like tiered skirts, which haven’t been around for a few years now. I’m going to try some asymmetrical skirts and see what I think. I think I may like them more if they aren’t super pronounced, but time will tell. I’ve got super broad shoulders, so adding volume there isn’t a goal of mine. It seems like what I see online may be slowing down on the cold shoulder look, but I don’t know about in stores. It sounds like you’ve got a good plan. I’m going to be super picky this spring, so things will get set back or returned if they don’t check all the fit boxes.