I thought it could be helpful if we had a place to vent about issues we are having or needing advice on something bothering us, where other members can try to help or just be here for support. We can all post here and ask for advice but be respectful of others please!

EDIT: Thank You for the advice for my question, you can ask your own questions here too!

I’ll start.

The topic I need help is advice for my brother. My brother is 34 years old and lives with our Parents, who have been verbally and emotionally abusive at times. As a result my brother has severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. He is unable to work or drive and receives social security disability, but it’s not enough to move out and live on. He goes to therapy and in the past attempted suicide feeling hopeless about life, the therapist asked to talk my parents and they refused to show up to the meeting about how my brother needs help and my parents aren't treating him right. My brother has no friends and also has Asperger’s so fitting in with others is a challenge, he did have one girlfriend but she broke up with him and said him not being able to work gave them no future and it wouldn’t work, it devastated him to hear this.

I live far away from my brother now, we talk sometimes on the phone but I will not visit because I don’t get along with my parents and cut them out of my life, I too struggle with anxiety and so I sympathize for my brother in what he must be going through. I don’t know any legal action that can help him, and government assistance has proved unhelpful. My brother has lost his independence and happiness in life and constantly tells me he hates life, and my parents control him and refuse to help him get better.

I don’t know what I can do to help him or advice to offer, I feel he tried all options but nothing has helped him and I can’t change my parents, nor can he and it’s frustrating him.