I had hoped to get back to our storage locker in Tampa long ago. My sister and a friend of mine recently hit it up to send us kitchen things, my son’s Lego, boots for me, and a bunch of clothes that mostly fit now. Yaaaaaaay

Now I get to sort it all out to see what parts I actually want. It’s like my own personal second hand store. Some items are clearly too dressy for this moment, but might be appropriate by the end of winter—I hope to get back to a life where I can wear the dressy dresses. Some items fit better than others. I don’t need to sort for that—as long as they’re in the ballpark, I’d ratherassess that in the morning as I’m getting dressed instead of assuming that my bod won’t change again—I’m sure it will. Going through the clothes, even more than the kitchen stuff, was a walk down memory lane. But I don’t need to be that for people I pass on the street. Even in an era of DYOT, some items just might not work. For the pants, especially, please help me decide whether they are something that fits in this year, and possibly make suggestions for items that seem particularly difficult.

Note: halfway through taking the pix, I realized the dustpan and brush were in the background. Please ignore them. Also, I’m wearing the same base layer in all of these—my sparkly Uniqlo Heat Tech tights and a cami with built-in shelf bra. If it bothers you to see such things, it’s best you click on through to the next post.

PS. I broke this into several posts, because it’s just too many pix otherwise. They all have the same text before the picture lists.

I left the tights on under all the pants. Some will clearly be better without the extra layer!

1. Skinny pants from Moda International (Victoria’s Secret) from the 90s.
2. J. Petermann linen pinstripes. What do we think of the pleats & baggy legs?
3. More J Petermann, navy, similar cut
4. These also have a fine pinstripe
5. Banana Republic self pinstripes
6. Gap bootcut, black
7. Silk joggers that I bought as a weight-loss inducement. Sadly, I think they are too short & won’t ever fit. Do you agree?
8. Mostly wool, navy & cream, could work for this winter??? The hem is at least an inch—I might have it let out some.

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