Congratulations to both of you. These moments are everything; good to take the time to celebrate together. Well done all around.

Congratulations on her accomplishments!

That’s awesome! Congratulations to her and her parents!

How wonderful! Well done!

Very exciting for her Lisa ... sending tons of positive vibes that she gets the program she wants

Congratulations! A very proud moment indeed!

Congrats to both of you!

What a wonderful achievement and how fantastic that she made the most of her educational opportunities to work so hard to graduate with distinction. That is something that will help her differentiate herself from other applicants, not only for the Masters program but also for jobs.

My Father had a mantra that he would give his children "a good education and straight teeth, because those are things that no one can take away from them". Something I am hoping to give my son too.

Impressive! Congratulations.

What a proud mama moment Congrats to both of you! I have a long way to go with my little ones but I am inspired to know that your daughter was studying instead of watching Gilmore Girls! And Kin will be so in demand in the coming years as the population is aging. Congrats again!

So wonderful! Kids got skills— always gives me a thrill to realize or recognize that about my DD’s so I know you must be having that mom- happiness moment.