Don't get me wrong -- I still very much enjoy the skinny jeans I have. They are great for tucking in boots, etc. I'm really talking about what is available in stores.

I took a walk through the mall a little last night after making my final return from a mostly-unsuccessful Nordstrom order, and it struck me that all the more unusual or interesting jean styles are *still* only being produced in skinny and mostly ankle/short cuts. I'm talking about anything with a pattern, color, panel detail, etc. I'm really tired of it. I tried on a couple and immediately felt awful. They sucked like they were hermetically sealed to my calves and my thighs, but flapped loosely behind my waist. We're talking brands from Vince to Joe's.

Is it really so hard to take some of the color, pattern, or detailing and make a straighter cut jean incorporating it? Or god forbid, maybe even a bootcut? Come on, denim designers. And while you're at it, please try making some inseams longer than 30".

Or is there some good reason for this that eludes me? Am I the only one who feels this way?