Kari, not to take Lisa's thread off track, but I've always wanted to try that!!! ... Hmm, maybe during rotten old January when dressing is not fun anyway .... *Ponders*

Happy Holidays, enjoy the break.

Sounds like a plan!Enjoy every minute .Nadolig Llawen(Merry Christmas) to you and all those you love.

You have a well thought out plan. When I work in my closet I often realize I have more possibilities than I thought and need less than I expected. And reading is so reviving. And, I too really need to do some planning.
Looking forward to your return.

Enjoy your break! Sounds really good to me right about now.

Excellent plan, Lisa! I wish you peaceful and happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope your party goes well (or it might already be over?)! And I am with you, even though I hardly participate actively, I do read the forum, and I don't understand the unnecessary negativity that comes out at times either. It's so easy to just be nice and if one cannot, be quiet. Happy reading! My Goodreads stats is at 67 and I'll probably make it to 70 for this year (lots of audiobooks in the mix).