Ironkurtin's post yesterday: got me thinking about proportions again, and lately the whole issue of round vs. elliptical has been on my mind.

So in doing a preliminary search through the archives, I found a 4-year-old thread by Anne:
where she links to one of Imogen's blog posts:

Around the same time, Kari started a similar thread:
Where she linked to an article at academichic:

We've had this discussion before, and I was firmly of the opinion that I was round, not elliptical. After all, I'm always complaining about a protruding tummy, right? Well there are some other factors at play. When taking any test of this kind (like the Kibbe body type test) I'm always thinking compared to what? Do I have angular facial features or soft ones? I don't know, compared to what? Am I tall or just average? I don't know, compared to what? (or whom) It's at these times that I wish I was in a room full of fabbers so I'd have someone outside my direct gene pool to compare myself with.

Well, stay with me here, DD really wanted a dress form for her birthday. She wanted to stand it in the corner of her room and display outfits on it and also use it for sewing. DH and I found one that wasn't too expensive on Amazon and ordered it. We found one that was as close as possible to DD's and my measurements but of course Isabella (said dress form's name) has a much fuller bust. The adjustable ones were much more pricey.

Anyway! This thing came in the mail and (besides her ample bustline) she looks so tiny from the front! I thought maybe there had been a mistake. I got out the measuring tape. But there was no mistake. Her measurements are correct to what we ordered, actually an inch bigger in the hips than both of us, even though she looks smaller (in pictures, too). Wait for it.....

Lightbulb moment! Isabella is round and I am elliptical after all. Even though she doesn't have a prominent derriere, Isabella has a cylindrical torso and hips. Her ribcage appears much narrower than mine, which is broad and flat in comparison. Going back to Imogen's post, I had my major aha moment. So that's why I can look really wide in stiff sheath dresses or pencil skirts (compared to the model or someone who wears the same size as I do). I need visible seaming or tapering to diminish the width. I feel less than fab in A-line or full skirts.

So how do you know you are right when you take these tests? Has anyone ever drawn out their silhouette on paper? Do you need other friends doing the project with you to gauge your results? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.