I admit I'm still fascinated with your Urban Warrior Princess Style. It seems like such a polar opposite to my demure bombshell/retro ladylike style. Which may explain why the couple times I tried on some of your UWP items (Heed sweater, plaid pants), it just didn't seem to work on me as well as it does on you. The closest I came to feeling like an UWP was when I wore my RATE Kate Spade outfit and when I wore my grey sweaterdress with the obi belt and boots. I wish I could be a tough UWP at least once in a while when I want to feel totally bad@$$, but it seems so hard for me to pull off (and so effortless for you!)

So, hope you don't mind, I'm not trying to rip off your style, but I'm just curious--what would you say are the essential elements of UWP style as you wear it? I mean, I know it's supposed to be based on Xena the Warrior Princess but I don't see you wearing body armor! And how does RATE play into this--are they one and the same (ie UWP is always RATE), or is there a distinction? Like for example, I know Nicoleb likes RATE but is she also an UWP? Anyone else on YLF consider themselves an UWP? I have a guess as to some UWP elements, like lots of black and grey, mostly muted colors, leather, studs/zippers and hardware, military cuts and details, androgyny/masculinity, asymmetrical hems, etc. but I'd like to hear from the experts! And did you guys make this term up or did you hear it somewhere? How long have you been dressing in this way--was it a pre-YLF style or something that evolved after you joined?

Thanks for indulging me!
Urban Warrior Apprentice