Deb--you've just begun and look what you've mastered! I love #6 in particular.

Amy--- you could be a movie star! I love the drama in your outfits. My favorite is #3---that shade of purple is ravishing with your coloring!

Mo- Love your outfits. I think interesting outfits in the heat are the MOST difficult, because you can't add toppers! Yours are great; the key is texture and perfect fit I think! My fave is #7!

Shannon- how do you do it? Every outfit is spectacular and so put together. I especially love #1!

JulieJohn--cute outfit and pose in #2....It will be interesting to see where 2013 takes you!

Laura your gorgeous family makes me smile!

Suz, I'm in awe of your skilz--love both the commentary and the outfits you showcase! Like you, my fave outfit is #5. The juxtaposition of sparkle and distressing is amazing!

JSloane, what a year! My faves are #11 AND #1---love you in dressup----(also love all the leopard! RAWRRR!)

Jamie--you showcase a simple color palette so well! I love #1, all of your colors and love the texture of the lace skirt!

Mairanna--looking forward to your 2013 WIW's. YOur wedding dress is GORGEOUS!!!!

Nanabear--you've jumped right in and soared with your outfits!

Rae--I'm just loving your outdoor pics! And your hair, wow! My favorite is #13---you've mastered slouchy and cool!

citygirlDC---what a year! I love #10---you do hats well!

Merwoman---love your boyfriend style---looking forward to seeing more of you in 2013!

RoseandJoan--you've masted striking a pose! #3 is particularly striking!

Anne--I remember the posts where you were putting this outfit together. PPP paid off--you look stunning!

Angie---I love the variety in your style---it's so fun to look at the diversity contained in a year. Its hard to pick a favorite, but #2 might be it....but my favorite photo is #11----Greg is an artist!

Here are some of mine. Clearly paled in comparison to the masterpieces above.:) 2012 was the first year I went on sharing WIWs. I truly enjoyed the process. #4 and #5 are recent outfits.

Wow look at all your fab outfits! Mine aren't sorted by month/season, but here are my faves:

1. I love this summer outfit because while it is simple there is still the stripes-florals pattern mixing going on.
2. My lace top is one of my favourite purchases this year and I love this soft and pretty combo of lace and florals.
3. This is a typical 'Kirti' look - lots of colour!
4. Ditto!
5. This was my first denim on denim attempt and I still remember how fab I felt in this!
6. I could wear the blazer-satchel combo forever - it has such a schoolboy sort of feel to it!
7. I call this my bumblebee outfit - I love the stripes with my yellow pants. Too bad they tore!
8. This one is my husband's favourite. I love it because of how well the oxfords 'go' with the bare legs. Thanks Sveta for the inspiration!
9. I remember that Angie gave this outfit a 'K' rating. I loved it too, the blazer and blouse looked so great together!
10. A more recent outfit, I love how simple this is.

All these are outfits you've seen before on YLF. Now for some outfits I've worn this winter and not posted yet.

11. I love the colour combo of this outfit. It isn't anything groundbreaking, but for me it just works!
12. Yet another lace top outfit. I love the blues of the jeans and cardigan together, the cream scarf and top pairing and even my heavy eye makeup paired with nude lips!
13. I'm wearing this today! This dress is the most comfortable dress I own - I'm sitting cross legged as I type this! The jacket is super comfy too and super bright, two of my favourite features in a clothing item. I'm definitely going to repeat this one.

What do you think of my top 12 outfits from this year? Notice how I don't have too many summery faves? I should look over my summer wardrobe with a critical eye!

Here are some of my favourites. I looked back over the past 6 months I have been here and I definitely feel like I am dialing into my style.

I love this annual tradition!

1. Dramatic flares from January.
2. YLF mini meet up in January! Khris, Marley, Vicki and me.
3. Faux fur over structured blazer, from February.
4. Wild pattern mixing in March.
5. It wouldn't be 2012 without some ultra bright skinnies. From April.
6. Light and fresh colors for May.
7. This outfit is so me. Also from May.
8. The only skirt outfit that made my list, from July.
9. I felt so chic in this layered outfit. From September.
10. Tuxedo stripe trousers (not jeans!) and Zara moto jacket, from November.
11. Zara "sweatshirt" from a warm day in December.
12. My statement pants of the year, from December
13. Holiday outfit from December.

Thanks for looking!

Isis, thank you

Zap, #6 takes my breath away. Love that.

Kirti, I can't put my finger on why, but all of your photos make me smile.

Ceit, that shirt in no. 3 is amazing!! Love it.

Cocolion, I'm still in love with the plaid pants outfit

I just love the looks that everyone posted. These are my favorites for 2012.

I finally had a chance to look at everyone's outfits and let me just say


and each and every one of you continue to inspire me daily!

Such an awesome collection of stylish people here!!!

See yourself here:

Fun topic!
Here are my favorites:
#1 - Polka dot skirt - I love polka dots, they are so fun and cheery
#2 - 80's vibe blazer - I'm on team 80's!
#3 - I know a lot of you have a poison eye for ponchos, but this tunes me in to my Boho side.
#4 - I love my red jacket and wear it a lot!
#5 - Cosmo Edward wanted to get in on the action, too! This is his favorite outfit. His inspiration was from Angie's "Walk in the Woods" post (he's headed out for a walk right now!). Isn't he fashionable in his plaid jacket?

Denise, love your pinterest page tribute and very proud to be included. What a fab bunch we are!

Too much fabness to be commented on!
Zap - can we talk about #5?? WOW
Kirti - you shine in every outfit, but I personally love your 3 and 5
Ceit you have upped the game on denim looks (love 11-13 especially)
Denise - #5 is one of my alltime favorites of any outfit (anywhere) and I love all your styles but am particularly fond of 12 and 13 here too)
Day Vies you are a fantastic model - I love your #5, 8 and 9 best
Karie - great outfits - but 4 (and 5) are spectacular!

Denise - great way to put it all together! Keep it coming ladies!

Angie don't let Rosie see Karie's Cosmo Edward, she might get jealous and sulk for hours, begging you for a new coat...

So, as I look back over 2012, I see I didn't post that many WIWs that I felt great about. The big thing for me was purchasing new eyeglasses that I love!

Morethanbeige - you have a killer bag collection there!!

This thread is great! So much fabness here. A delight to see. So many members are stylish and creative, with very pleasing results.
Here are mine.
(I realize almost all are pants!!!)

Oh, I'm visiting friends in New York through tomorrow and only have my iPhone. It's hard to look at all the stunning outfits, and impossible to post mine! but I know how gorgeous you all are.

Loving everyone's outfits! So much eye candy....

Karie! Cosmo Edward looks KILLER. Rosie is especially enamoured by his dapper style. Just as stylish as his Mama!

Denise, Rosie also has plenty of red coats because her Mummy bats for Team Red :).

And Denise, you really rock. Just by the way. Your Pinterest board makes me smile

Oh my word!!! Back soon to comment properly on your incredible outfits!!

You guys like to make me faint don't you. I know. That's the plan isn't it. You'd rather have me unconscious.

I *love* this thread!!!

I've been rearranging some folders these days so for some reason not all WIW photos are where I thought they should be... nevertheless, from the selection available here is a short summary of the outfits that made me really happy in 2012.

It's 2013 where I am at the moment, Happy New Year everyone

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Goodness, what a bunch of chic, beautiful women!

I didn't post that many WiWs this year, mostly because I'm new and still warming up to the ideas of posting my pictures. (The community is so awesome, though, that I am inspired to post more WiWs in the new year.) The pics below are the ones that made my list of favorites, mostly because, as Angie said, I felt really comfortable, chic, and the best version of myself.

Posting and viewing a bunch of pictures from across the year does give perspective. It appears that I have a rather predictable style :-). While there's nothing wrong with that, I am wondering what new style goals I should set myself in 2013. Your thoughts and musings are most welcome!

Happy new year, everyone - thanks to all at YLF for becoming a special part of my life.

Thanks for sharing. I have just spent the last hour looking at you all!
There is so much gorgeousness here it is unbelievable.
You are ALL so fabulous & it is so exciting to be part of your individual style journeys.

Happy New Year, friends!

I haven't posted as much in 2012, but here are a few of my favorites.

#1: The dress I wore to meet Angie at the NYC meetup in February!

#2 and 3: The Club Monaco top I bought with Angie!

#4: The empty nest

#5: Finally! Added a denim jacket to my wardrobe

#6: The Gibson riding jacket - a wardrobe workhorse

#7: Animal print and oxfords

Shannon, you've got *so much* fashion flair. It's a true joy looking at your outfits each day, because not only are they attractive, but they shine with a very sincere heart. Not easy to do! Your style really shines from within. Outfit #1 is my best. WOW!!!! Hah! And trousers to boot. Also head over heels in love with #4, #8 and #11!

Mo, you've chosen KILLER looks! And I love them as much as you do. #1 and #6 are my best!! More drape from you in 2013.

Isis, I LOVE #1. One on the very best on YLF - with fur baby too! (Thanks for the kind words).

Amy, you sell yourself short. I love your outfits! And you are as gorgeous with short hair as you are with a bob! #1 and #8 whack it out of the ball park, but #3 makes me want to faint. AMAZINGLY WOW!

Deb, loving the pointy toed flats! #6 is my best, but #4 is a close second.

Zap, we have been starved of your KILLER style. Must post more!! You wear stunning outfits and I just can't pick a fave.

Kirti! Your style is gloriously happy :). I'm going with #6 and #9 as my favourites. #8 is a close third. You rock flat shoes!

Ceit, you have definitely honed your style! #1, #4, #12 and #13 are my best! Very RATE and it works

Denise, you have incredible style and rock my style world. Good grief!! #1, #4, #5, #6 , #10, #11 and #13 blow me away.

Day Vies, your impeccable polish knows no bounds! Hands down #6, #7 and #8 are my best. You are one gorgeous bombshell

Karie! Cosmo Edward knows what I think of his style ...see earlier comment. I love it! My goodness, do you look especially heavenly in #4. My best!

Morethanbeige, I can't pick a fave from your KILLER looks! So spot on trendy mixed with perfect classics. I love it

Krish, your new body is rocking fabulous! And your amazing outfits match your vibrant and creative soul. I'm going with #1 and #7 as my best. So chic!

Ornella, I'm glad you posted! I see perfectly pretty polished elegance from all your looks - both casual and dressy. I'm in awe! I'm going with #1, #2 and #6 as my faves. You wear a cascading cardi like no other

Runnerchick, I'm glad you posted too! Your style is colour-rich and simple. A great way to go! I like #1. #4 and #7 best.

Caro, our eclectic Princess! Your amazing style is fabulous, and so is your silver hair. I'm going with #2 as my best! I just LOVE that shade of faded denim against your complexion.

I don't mean to miss anyone out - let me know if I have missed you out.

A chic bunch, as usual. Here are mine.

Happy New Year!

Oh Debs!! I'm so glad you posted! I especially love #3 because I was with you when you bought that blouse! Good grief do you rock a denim jacket. #3 and #5 are my best and you are wonderful

Okay. I need to rest my arm.

Jenava, GORGEOUS outfits!! #6 and #7 are standouts for me, but #9 is my absolute best and made me faint.

Now I really need to rest my arm. And faint.


It's really neat taking a look at everyone's outfits from the year. Here are my favorites from 2012:

#1-This blazer from the spring got me hooked on kelly green and striped tops. I wore it all spring and summer.
#2-A late summer purchase, this cardigan is probably the boldest print in my closet at the moment and still fun to wear.
#3-I wear these green jeans ALL the time. And I adore them. Comfy and fun.
#4-I like this outfit a lot because I am wearing a white blazer in the colder months which makes me happy that I am stretching my wardrobe and not "saving" a blazer for the summer.
#5-I adore sweatercoats in chilly weather and this one is a workhorse for me.
#6-Another new silhouette for me, this poncho drapes nicely and is another fun piece to wear.
#7-A "go to" outfit for me: blazer, boots, scarf, jeans and the color blue.

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Angie, are you ok? All that fainting can't be good. *passes the smelling salts*