I have recently ordered bunch of things online, and some of them arrived today. As usual, I'll need help ( and CRS) to determine which (and if any) are keepers. These are all new things for me try, so I might be quite off. Please do not hesitate to be very honest. It would be also nice to say if you liked the general outfit idea, but not the particular new piece ( e.g the fit is off, some detail is bothering you...) The chunky AT pearls are definite keepers ( thanks Angie!), everything else is up for discussion.

1. Cobalt silk sweater & AT pearls. I got these based on the idea Angie had, to wear with black leather jacket, black skinnies and booties.


2. Wine boyfriend sweater, here worn unbuttoned


3. Same sweater in black, here worn buttoned


4. Navy heather open long sweater vest


5. Sheer silk polka-dot blouse, to be worn only under sweaters & jackets


p.s. If these work, I will not buy any more boyfriend sweaters.
p.p.s. I fully expect a lot of you to seriously dislike some or all the things, so please do not hesitate to say so.

Thank you very much!