HAH! Isn't that interesting. I just spent time talking to the Departmental Manager.

The Savvy dept - stocking pret-a-porter collections that run between price points $300 to $900 - is changing focus to ONLY stock an assortment under $98. Some of the stuff will be made by Nordstrom, the rest by other vendors.

Some of the existing Savvy brands will be moved out to Individualist, so no worries there if you are a Savvy shopper today.

The whole thing came about because young sales associates in their early 20s who work at Nordies can't afford to shop at Nordies! (The Junior area obviously too casual and junior for fashion forward career wear).

Some of the merchandise is already on the floor - it looks fantastic - and the floral bomber in this morning's post is actually part of the range coming in at $88.

I'm curious to see how this new collection will shape up and compare with Zara. (You know I am a HUGE Zara fan).