Outfit Lab? Is that what we call it here when we're looking for help fixing / deconstructing a piece/outfit? 

Anyway. This tank is my newest handknit, in reclaimed hemp/cotton (60/40). 

I'm not happy with it, for a number of reasons. Hopefully it won't fit me next summer, so I'm trying to decide if a) I should do a couple quicker fixes, b) redo the whole thing to fix larger problems or c) it's not worth it for such a short time of wear / it won't make it fab enough to make it worth all that work.

I put my hair up for the pix so you can hopefully see the tank a bit better.

Problem 1: the armscye is way too large/low, requiring a cami (here), which defeats the purpose of a loose light summer tank. To fix this, I'd rip out the top third or so and rejigger the math. 
Problem 2: the bottom edge curls up (not easy to fix, even if I start over completely).
Problem 3: I don't think there's enough contrast in the hi-lo / left-right of the hem.
Problem 4: The high side of the hem feels too high.
Problem 5: It's just not as flattering as I hoped. Would making it larger at the bottom help this? I didn't grade between sizes, instead hoping it was designed with enough ease that it would be OK, but I'm not sure I was correct.
Problem 6: Is the neckline dramatic enough to even be noticeable? Should it be deeper? Should it be symmetrical instead?

The first photo is the pattern photo. (Nice concentration face in pic 5, eh? Ack.)

Edit: I added another photo from a different vantage point so you can hopefully see the hem better.

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