Natalie posted about a fun remixing challenge where we take 12 current basics and mix with 6 new fall items. I have been super busy with work so I didn't have time to actually dress up and snap photos, but I did do some little sketches on the computer which I thought I'd share. #1 shows the setup, and #2-6 show outfits based around each new piece; these are all pieces you've seen before, either in WIW posts or in KeepOrReturn posts (well maybe not the lace top, never quite figured that one out).

I didn't think I'd picked my basics for the challenge very well and yet to my surprise I was able to come up with 48 (!!) new combinations; and far more than that if we include how accessories can drastically change many of these looks. I'd been hoping to take one of these outfits and style 3 versions with accessories as an example of this, but *sigh* no time. Maybe this weekend

My take away from this is... I have a LOT of outfit options at my disposal. Way more than I'd thought, especially since the "old" 12 items are but a fraction of what I've got in my closet. Of course, some of these may be better "on paper" than in practice but it was still a very useful exercise. I have decided that I need to do another pass through my closet and be much more strict about purging those not-quite-perfect or not-quite-my-style items. Thanks for suggesting this great challenge, Natalie!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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