I picked up the remaining 3 pieces of my NAS order this morning - had a quick try-on before heading out the door to the airport. 6 day business trip to Toronto ahead !

Boss pinstripe pants: ordered an 8, and although they fit, they are more traditional "dress pant-ish " than I like. I like menswear dealing in a pant - trouser styling , if you will - and these have no pockets at all. I also find a slouchier fit works for my body type - and this is not it. I should have paid more attention to the details when ordering but it was almost impossible to see what was going on from the stock photo. They are also $$ in Cdn dollars, and not special enough to keep at the price I paid. Nice quality though. Sending back - and will be spending almost $30 for the privilege of just trying them on . NOTE TO SELF TO NOT DO THIS AGAIN AT NAS.

Faux leather drapey jacket: this one took me by surprise - a lot less real-looking than I expected (I think it's the colour, I ordered the grey, which is a real flat cement colour ) although for the price, I should not have expected otherwise. I sized up , and am glad I did. It fits well, has lots of stretch and is something different for my wardrobe. I'll keep this - will likely wear it with a white t or tank and black pants. Maybe jeans too. As you can tell, this one may have gone back if not for the cost. Not worth returning at this point.

Marc Fisher booties - win . Keep. Perfect fit, perfect width, perfect look. Good price, too.

This was my first real foray into NAS, and while it was fun at the outset, the costs of returns really don't make it worthwhile . Shipping is of course free for this event, but we pay dearly for shipping back. As I am trying to make fit a real priority with my clothes , I can't be hamstrung with the unknown in online ordering. I'll hopefully be able to use the new Cdn site next year, as long as return shipping is also free .