Along with developing a style rubric for myself yesterday, I also updated my style goals to be more in line with where I am currently in my style journey. This is such a valuable exercise, and I'm so grateful for Angie for sharing her own goals with us as an example:

I did this for the first time one year ago, when Angie wrote this blog post. I'd been on YLF for one year at that point. Some of my goals have stayed the same or needed only a little tweaking, while others changed quite a bit.

My current style goals:

* To marry my favorite fashion personas--Modern Classic, Euro Chic, Arty/Edgy, Boho--into a cohesive age-appropriate and sophisticated style

* To dress with more intention, conscious of my new style rubric (Elegant Minimal Arty Neutral)

* To continue introducing more arty/edgy elements into my minimal elegant look (different silhouettes, textures, dramatic pieces)

* To continue incorporating a limited number of trendy elements into my look as long as they support my overall goals

* To continue to rid my wardrobe of elements that do not support my style goals

* To indulge my love for boho elements, but sparingly and with a more arty/modern flair

* To wear all the great clothes I already own and try new combinations

* To try some tucking and belting

* To strengthen my spring/summer wardrobe so it functions as seamlessly as my fall/winter wardrobe

* To make fewer--and more considered--purchases and employ the one-in, one-out rule

* To shop for pieces that are elements of love, not just practical wardrobe needs

* To NOT buy any more spring jackets since that season is short or nonexistent here in the mid-Atlantic, and it quickly becomes too hot to wear them

Spring/Summer wish list:

* dress to wear to late spring wedding
* cream/off-white shoulder bag
* drapey more modern-cut tee shirts
* sleeveless summer tops
* sundresses/sleeveless work dresses

What do you think? Have you ever tried this exercise?