You know how many YLF members defining their style and fashion personas and how much fun they have with this. MaryK Business Bombshell, Natalie Demure Bombshell, Una and Rae UWP...the list goes on.
Well I always felt slightly impaired reading these posts because I could not articulate my style if my life depended on it. At first I thought that I have no style to speak of and that`s why I cannot define it. However you guys are telling me that you like my style and even Angie mentioned that I am well honed in my style... Hmm, how can you be well honed in something you cannot even define...<br /> I tried to follow Angie`s posts and different exercises from the forum but nothing worked for me...until today!
Denise pointed me to this link in my yesterday WIW post:
and penny dropped instantly! I did the test and discovered that I am Soft Dramatic - and it makes perfect sense. It explains why I had so many self-image problems when I was a teenager and in my 20s: I wanted to be somebody I was not. In our culture a girl was supposed to be delicate and feminine and I was neither. I felt angular, huge and unattractive and you can only imagine how much damage it did to my self-esteem.
Now reading through this article everything just clicked into place: my body and facial type is a complete opposite of delicate and feminine and it is OK. It is predominantly dramatic with some softness through my lower body and some facial features (eyes and lips). This is exactly describes the style I am aspired to: dramatic in cut and color but with some softer elements thrown in, statement jewelery, structure and movement in the same time. It also explains why I look better in a short textured hairstyle when there is not much hair at and below my cheekbones.
In the article they nickname this style Diva Chic. I am not sure if this describes my style well but it is a start.
Here are some of the latest outfits I felt really fab in: they all have some drama about them (high contrast in forms or colors, sleek lines, architectural details, statement accessories...)but they are softened out with textures or drape or some fluidity of the items.
That also explains why I never feel good in t-shirts and jeans alone and why it is so hard for me to wear casual clothes - not enough drama for me!
Now I have something to build on and it is so exciting!
Thank you for listening to my epiphany: do you think it makes sense. I would appreciate any thoughts you have - and thank you Denise!

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