As I was saying in this thread, I really struggle with capsules. I just can't seem to limit myself to choosing from a small number of pieces and I'm not very good at remixing--I like to work on creating the perfect version of an outfit with just the right accessories and lots of matchy matchy details and themes. But I'm never one to turn down a challenge, especially when Angie nudges me. As she said in my thread, "No one said creating capsules was easy. It takes elbow grease. But worthwhile after you have developed the knack for it...At the end of the day, you have to think about how your wardrobe items relate to each other in order for your wardrobe to function. Wardrobe capsuling is one form of wardrobe discipline - and I believe in wardrobe discipline." So, I decided to take on the challenge and create a capsule out of my closet. I really wanted to make a true capsule where everything could be remixed. I chose to do a casual MOTG capsule, as a lot of my work pieces are dresses and dresses don't really work in remixing capsules. This was tough, because I wanted to keep my love of color and prints, which makes remixing very hard. I think I came up with a decent capsule, although now I realize it looks almost identical to Angie's Fall MOTG capsule (16)...I guess I should have saved myself the trouble!

Here are the pieces:
2 jackets--Spiegel draped black leather, Dorothy Perkins white moto
3 shirts--Bobeau jaguar tee, Jason Wu for Target yellow blouse, Banana Republic chambray shirt
3 bottoms--Gap camo Always Skinny, AG red snakeskin skinnies, and Vince Camuto grey lace midi tube skirt
3 sweaters--Trouve black corrugated sweater, Only Mine teal cashmere V neck sweater, and J Crew burgundy ribbed cashmere sweater
2 shoes--OTBT gold booties and Skechers grey wedge sneakers
2 necklaces--Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant and Tasha silver chunky chain
2 bracelets--WHBM red snakeskin bracelet and Spring Street silver cuff
2 bags--Betsey Johnson burgundy hearts satchel and Michael Kors silver Astor studded satchel

My capsule wearing attempts:
2-3. I swapped out the shirt for this Gama Go Ninja Kitty T shirt because I was wearing it for the Autumn Harvest Moon festival and I wanted to wear the shirt with the moon on it.
4-13. Stuck with the capsule on this one--I brought the leather jacket, but it
was too hot to wear it. I had fun matching DS1 this time--we both wore camo pants! And DS1 and DS2 were in matching shirts. (DD would have had a matching shirt too, but it wouldn't fit over her cast). We were watching the America's Cup races. The US
has totally come from behind--it was 8-1 and New Zealand only needed
one more to win. The US won the next seven races and now it's tied 8-8
and tomorrow is the finish! Here's some pics he took of the boats and a
dolphin in the water.
DH has been going out to the races whenever he has a day off. Tomorrow
he has a day off and is going to watch the final, how exciting!
14. (Pics 13-14 by DS1). I swapped out the necklace because I thought the capsule one was too short for this sweater, and wore black booties instead of the wedge sneakers because my toes were sore.
15. Stuck with the capsule with this one--again too hot to wear the leather jacket.

So, what do you think? This was a lot tougher than I thought! It looks nice when you look at it all together like the first picture, but when I tried to start wearing it, I was immediately chafing at the limitations of the capsule! I found myself wanting to swap out shirts or accessories, and not wanting to wear some of the shirts like the chambray and yellow blouse. I've done four days worth from the capsule and I'm already getting bored! I think doing one of those Vivienne file capsules or 30 day challenges would make me absolutely stir crazy! So, I think it was a good mental exercise and proved that I could actually come up with a capsule, but I think I'll stick to my usual random mood-based methods of outfit selection/perfection and save capsule dressing for when I have to travel and am forced to pack light!

Thanks for your comments!

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