With all the discussion on what constitutes bombshell style and whether my style is really bombshell or not, some of you expressed concern that I was getting "hung up" on labels and that I shouldn't try so hard to put a name descriptor to my style. Well, I respectfully disagree! I love style labels and naming style personas. It is so much fun for me. I always read Angie's style persona posts and any forum post having to do with someone trying to define their style. I find it fascinating! And several of you made excellent points which have given me a lot of insight as to why I love it so much.

First of all, I think I'm a left-brainer and analytical by nature. I love to categorize things and figure out what makes things work. Also I think I'm a little more verbal than visual in my learning style, so style descriptors really help me hone in on what I love about an outfit. If you're right brained you may not need labels and just do it intuitively but for me it helps to spell things out.

Then Meridith1953 astutely said that labels are "doctor's shorthand", which made me realize that yes of course, doctors like to name things! We like a diagnosis...we don't like to leave things vague and open-ended and undefined. Doctors see a collection of symptoms and want to put a label on it to figure out what it is. And conversely if someone has a specific diagnosis we know the thirteen findings that go along with that syndrome. So now I realize that the same applies to how I approach fashion. If I see an outfit I like I want to know what is that style and what are the key elements in that style. Then I can analyze what aspects I would want to try or incorporate into my own style. And style names help me keep everyone's else's style straight. Like if MaryK says "business bombshell", I instantly know what she's talking about and can picture what type of outfits she would be wearing.

Also, Zapotee very insightfully pointed out that the personality of the wearer infuses the outfit with its style and that the same outfit can give off a whole different vibe when two different people wear it. Therefore if I understand someone's style, I can see what makes an outfit work for them and how it would look differently on me.

Also, I love juxtaposition, which is why I gravitate toward style oxymorons like demure bombshell or urban warrior bombshell. I think it's so much more interesting when outfits mix up different styles and bring opposing forces into harmony. Tough and ladylike. Yin and yang and all that. I love the creative tension!

Finally, I don't feel like naming your style persona is limiting at all. I don't feel boxed in by it, I feel like it's very freeing. It's like a home base from which you can explore multiple style personalities. I love playing dress up and exploring new styles and mixing different styles together. And Una had a great observation that no matter what style I try, it always remains feminine and ladylike. So whatever I'm wearing, I'm still remaining true to my style. My own, unique creative Natalie style!

Thanks for letting me ramble! Can you tell I'm having fun with this?