I just bought the Me Too Lulus in pewter yesterday and they are adorable. My heart sings when I look at them. I love the cushioning too. And I know Angie is a big fan of them for comfort and style. My question is about the fit of the elastic. I've never worn a shoe with elastic all the way around. I love that the shoes stay on my narrow feet better than most ballet flats, but I'm finding that the elastic is digging in a bit. I'm wondering if this is the wrong size or if I just need to get used to this kind of shoe. I tried on a whole size bigger and it was huge. The half size up was unavailable.

I got a great deal on the shoes too - $52. So I really want them to work!

Do any of you have these shoes or have you worn this type of elasticized flat before?

Here's a link. http://www.shoebuy.com/me-too-lulu-4/329461

Thanks for any advice.