The two pairs of shoes I ordered from The Bay arrived today - the animal print pointy toed flats and the grey leather with green neon sole oxfords. Here's the original thread

The pointy toed flats were surprisingly comfortable but half a size too big. They also aren't real leather so I'm kind of on the fence about whether or not I'll try the half size smaller. They did have the potential to be very comfortable.

The grey oxfords are INCREDIBLE - soft, supple leather, great colour mix and ridiculously comfortable. They are staying - and you'll see them below in some pics.

I went to The Bay after dinner to return the animal print flats (they didn't have them in the store yet so couldn't try the smaller size) and the white Bernardo faux leather moto. While there I thought "what the heck", I'm going to go and try on that yellow moto again at Danier Leather. So doing the girl math from my returns, plus some birthday money I got, this pretty yellow sweetheart ending up coming home with me.

The leather is buttery soft - I just want to pet it all day - and the colour is lovely. It's not a sour yellow but rather a soft, golden egg yolk yellow. The fit is excellent in the shoulders and I can "just" do it up - once it relaxes the fit will be better. The sleeves are at least three inches too long and will need shortening if I keep it, so for the purpose of these pics, I've just tucked the sleeves under.

I've done a couple of quick stylings and must tell you that I'm pretty smitten with this jacket. It makes me smile. And I think the colour is much more versatile than I originally thought. I think it could be worn in all seasons quite honestly and will become more summery or fall like depending on what you pair with it - add an animal print scarf and my brown Esprit trousers with boots, and you have a fall look. Add my white straight leg jeans, open toed booties and a white tee, and you have a summer look.

I like the length with trousers but am less sure about it with a dress. This styling with a dress isn't ideal but you get the idea re: length. I will be honest though, if you think the length, fit and colour is good with pants, I'm not worried about pairing it with a dress.

So over to you...keep or return?

P.S. please excuse my dirty floor - the cats have been playing with this silly cardboard box and there's slivers of cardboard EVERYWHERE!

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