Oh no, how sad and difficult for you! What a wonderful presence he must have been, and what a loss. Sending wishes for your comfort.

I am so sorry about the loss of your gorgeous boy. I know this pain and give you my sincere condolences. So hard.

So sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty. Our pets give us lots of love and joy and are deeply missed when they leave.

Ugh, SO sorry . This is just gut wrenching to lose a member of your family.

We went through this twice last year . My cats were 18 and 20. I still haven’t recovered.

Oh, no -- I am SO sorry. It's such a big loss. Hugs to you -- your home will feel lonely for a while now. I have been through this and know it is like losing a dear friend.

I'm sorry to hear this. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet.

I’m very sorry for your loss.

Sorry to hear this suntiger. We lost our kitty almost a year ago, so I know firsthand the hole it makes in your life.

I'm so sorry, suntiger. Losing our fur babies is so heartwrenching. They're such sweet and innocent creatures. I've lost too many people and pets to cancer. F*** cancer!

What a handsome boy, I’m so sorry - it’s so hard.

My sympathy on your loss, truly.

Such a beautiful cat. I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry. It’s so hard to say goodbye. There’s never as much time as we’d wish.

Sorry for your loss, Suntiger. Take good care through this sad time.

Update: we went Saturday to pick up Tauie's ashes at the emergency vet. On the way back we stopped into a pet shop to pick up some pill pockets for our elderly dog- who isn't doing well either.
Well these little ones were in a cage by the front door- up for adoption.
Welcome home- Maya and Angelo

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Oh, lucky kitties!

Aww!! Hello kitties!

Awww, Maya and Angelo have found a wonderful home!!

They bring so much life back to the house

I’m sorry your dog isn’t doing well. But lucky little kitties!

Thanks, he's 15 at least, and has kidney issues, etc. He's not been eating much anymore- but did enjoy the roast beef we brought him yesterday. Plus he's probably depressed from losing his buddy. Thought kittens would cheer him up! He's not active enough to play with them but think he likes watching them

Aww the kitties are cute! I just hope the pet store isn’t breeding them, so many homeless animals already at shelters that need adopting too ❤️

Oh no, these were found in a wood pile, from a feral mom. They're adopted, not bought. Often pet stores partner with shelters, for cats at least, which was the case here. All the animals I've ever had have been shelter pets!
This store just sold supplies anyway, there weren't any other animals there.

I am so glad to hear this. What a coincidence. It really seems that Tauie has had a paw in this .... What lovely kitties. I hope your doggie will feel better soon.

Aw, yay for Maya and Angelo! Congrats on your new family members.

Beautiful kittens. Our kitty was a feral kitty from a farm.
Enjoy your new family members !