When leaves are turning red and yellow it is definitely fall; when it is snowing it must be winter; when you need reading glasses you are irreversibly "over the hill" - and it looks like I just reached that happy stage of my life!
So trying to make lemonade out of lemons of getting older I want my first glasses to be a perfect accessory. The problem is - I am a complete dilettante when it come to glasses and I need all combined YLF wisdom to make it right.
these pictures are from the first store I visited today. I am going to visit all of them in my city (hey, I need to have my fun, right?) but I would like to know if any of those are "maybe".
Colors are not captured very well here so I would like to get your reaction for the shape and size most of all. They are reading glasses for the computer so I will not wear them all the time (which should not prevent me from having fun with them anyway, right? )

pic 1
Red frame on the left (I don't have a separate picture for this one). I was not sure if it is too square and not uplifting.
Green underside. I like the funky shape but not sure if it is too dark for me.

pic 2
Left: these are man frames which somehow attracted me but looking at the picture I think they may be too square? they have fun creamy yellow underside and sides are plaid.
Right: these are fun but is it too much? yellow inside and outside.

pic 3
Left: dark blue. Looking at the picture I think they maybe too wide for me?
Right: lighter blue. Both are pretty classic in shape

pic 4: not considering those - just for fun! I like my sunglasses big but somehow I want the reading glasses to be smaller...
Left; I liked white and black frame but too big!
Right: serious cat eye - or even butterfly eye here!

Do you think any of the first 6 work for me or should I scratch all of them and keep looking?

Thanks for your help!

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