Also you wear prints well; a scarf with olive, Black & citron- or some citron combination- would be great. Or a silk scarf you tie onto a backpack. It may also be not too hard to find an inexpensive citron watch.

Ooh. A watch is an interesting idea!

Really really expensive, but the style is very much on trend

Omg. You really find the best things, Anna!

Citron lunch bag? Lol.
Would be much cheaper!

Lol. You got a point!

The puffer beanie has your name on it Rachy.

A shawl! I think your dad would approve.

It does, Shevia, doesn’t it?

Fashiontern, what a beautiful shawl. I had a citron open weave sweater rather like it. Ruined it with coffee...

I'm with Flytigress on the pom-pom. For your guitar strap lunch bag.

Oh, that would be real nice for the lunch purse... !!



Uh oh... I’m in trouble!!

Citron coatie for Lilipup, and citron shoes for you to walk her.

Paramedic Sam saved me.

I vote citron beanie for you, and citron bandana for Lilypup.

Whew! Thank goodness for Sam!!!

And ohmigosh. Yes. Lilypup WANTS to match. Yes she does!

*happy dance*

Go Team Matchy-Matchy.