I just thought of a big surprise for my sister. She had twin babies 7 months ago and between the added expenses and the fact that she is always home caring for three kids, she has not had time or money to update her wardrobe. She always thinks she looks awful and that her wardrobe sucks. Not cool:)

I had offered her to come to my apartment and take whatever she wants from my closet. I don't really care what she takes, I have enough stuff for a few ladies, but I thought better to give her new things. Plus my concern is that my clothes might no longer fit her as I went down a size, whereas she still has some baby weight, understandably. My budget for this is about $300 -$400.

Here is a partial list I made. The goal is to give her a few good outfits for where she is home with the kids, along with a couple outfits for date night and an assortment of new tops that could compliment a bunch of jeans and skinnies she is getting from me, for daytime activities.

Here is my list:

Items for staying home days:
3 sweats: From Aeropostale on sale at $18 each
3 tops: GAP tees
1 hoodie: Aero on sale for $22
Stay home tees: A bunch from Aero, at 8 each.

Date Night - Adult time.
2 premium bootcuts - Joe's honey : From me ( Done)
3 Skinnies: GAP from my closet ( Done)
1 Black Skinnies: Need to get
2 A line skirts: I'm making them from a book I bought. These might take a while.
1 black blazer that fits well.
1-2 nice blouses in silk or other "more expensive" fabrication. Dry clean OK.

going out with kids:
Fun tops to go with jeans above (4)
Long cardigans (2)
2 or 3 tees.

Ballet flats:
1 pointy toe
1 round toe

What other things would you suggest? I know that many of you are SAHMs or working moms with small children. I'd love to hear your opinions.

Thank you!!!!