I hope you will all indulge me here. This week is the Kingston WritersFest. I'm on the planning committee and heavily involved with the festival and will be appearing at a number of events. (http://www.kingstonwritersfest.com)

Overall, I'd like to present a sort of "creative professional" vibe. Relaxed, youthful, but put-together. So far, the weather is supposed to be mid-range temperatures—high teens in the daytime, low teens in the evening.

Thursday is the first day. I am moderating a discussion with two authors of young adult fiction. The event is in the morning and the audience will be quite large, consisting of mainly high school students and teachers. I will also be hosting another event in the afternoon.

Here is my idea for what to wear. My perfect jean jacket has not yet appeared; I tried the one that Nancylee tried but they don't have it in my size. So I went thrifting and I found two not-perfect-but-okay jackets. I was thinking of wearing one of these.

The blue one is not cropped, but it is a really nice fabric with some stretch to it, and I love the silver buttons. (Bonus: the ticket I found in the pocket: "An evening with Elton John, 2006). It's super comfortable.

I've tried it with a belt and without. Could try a different belt, perhaps.

The raspberry jacket is a cropped cord one from Old Navy, 2005. Nice colour. But I don't have any accessories that work with the dull gold buttons and I also wondered if the contrast with the black was too much. Suggestions? I do have time to make ONE shopping trip before the festival, and could perhaps come up with something new. (I mean new accessories. I can't afford the time or money to buy a whole new outfit right now).

Either way, do I need hose? If so, what kind would be best?

And the evening is the official opening party. Drinks, speeches, and then reading and discussion with J.M. Coetzee and Paul Auster.

My plan for that is my autumn leaf skirt. I will probably have to wear the pumps here rather than my nude sandals. Pumps are actually a very very dark red, not brown or black as they may appear.

The belt is WAY too big for me now. Should I buy a new one or style with sash as in the summer picture challenge? And would some better big pearls be a good idea? These ones are junk, just put on to show the idea. I saw some nicer gold toned ones like Angie's the other day that I might spring for.

Comments and suggestions welcome, and thank you for looking. I hope the darn pictures are not too tiny to see anything! Will do better next time.

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