While I feel like I have a handle on clothing, I'm completely baffled by hair (and make up, but that's another topic for another day). Which I am a bit embarrassed to admit since I'm almost 30. I know we have some excellent hair on the forums and I'd love a little advice!

In the last year I've moved away from washing every day to every 3 days or so and have seen a dramatic improvement in the health of my hair. But I still don't really do anything with it, mainly because I don't really know how (really and truly). I do one of three things: leave it down with its natural curls, put it half up in a clip, or put it all up in a ponytail. That's about it. Generally I let it air dry, though I can kind of sort of use a blow dryer if I try really, really hard.

I'd love to hear suggestions/advice for how to style my fine, thin (sob), curly hair. Not really interested in anything sweet; I'm an 80s punk at heart, I love volume, teasing etc. but I just don't have enough hair for it (and my husband doesn't like that at all, boo). And I'm also a bit of a hippie when it comes to my hair and prefer light to no structure and making use of its natural attributes. So I guess I'm looking for more "rocker" type 'dos. Simpler preferred since my skill level is very low.

I also attempted to "style" it today (and wore light make up, rare!). First time ever trying this, semi-successful; the poof is bigger than it looks in the photo (or maybe that's just to me) and I feel very rockabilly in it! Not bad for first try? Seriously, all comments welcome.

EDIT: sorry for the rant, hair stresses me out -_-

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