Mo and I both fell in love with this cargo Jacket, but we were both too unsure about sizing to pay full price, plus shipping, and also possible return shipping costs. She spotted an XS on Ebay and thought it might work for me, and I was actually able to win the auction! Woohoo!

So Mo, here are some pics to hopefully demonstrate the fit. First, there is no true shoulder seam - there is the end of the vest, which sits a good ways inward of my shoulder line (I like this, kind of like a cutaway sleeve when you wear it as a vest) and then some decorative piping at the arm. The XS fits comfortably over my 32D chest, and the ultra-cropped mode *just* covers the boobage for a bolero effect. Any smaller, and there would have been some weird underboob action. I don't know about you, but from the Ebay pics, I was expecting a caramel color, and this is definitely army green, which is fine since I don't own a jacket that color yet not what I expected.

Thanks again for pointing out the auction!

P.S. I don't think I'd actually style the super cropped versions like this, but I wanted to have a high contrast to show the shape of the jacket.

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