Today’s post on how to deal with being short-waisted is an odd one for me. The measurement from my shoulder to top of hip bone is 5” shorter than top of hip to under knee, and one hand width tucks in nicely between my waist and underbust, so I clearly fit the description of “short-waisted” but I’ve never taken it into account in getting dressed or seen it as a negative, because it goes hand-in-hand with long legs, which I like.

This, and Roxanne’s recent experiments in getting the flattery she wants for her priorities got me thinking. What I’m going for is different than the mannequins manufacturers use to create their styles.

This is my blow-by-blow response to the styling suggestions in today’s post:

•Since the pandemic, bralettes and other styles without underwires have become much more popular. If I’m going to wear a bra, I prefer underwires, but I’m also perfectly comfortable with a built-in shelf bra for my B babes.
•A column of color bores me.
•Low-cut waists don’t make me happy—I think my belly looks big. (Objectively, my BMI is fine; I just don’t find that cut flattering).
•Empire waists and V-necks are ok sometimes, but I don’t choose them often.
•Drop-waist dresses, otoh, I love. They just feel great. I also like skirts that have a yoke on top.
•I don’t do asymmetry often, because I feel off-kilter in it.
•I rarely wear accessories in the summer—it’s just too much stuff. Even in the winter, I use scarves for warmth, and generally take them off indoors.
•When my waist was hard to find, I didn’t tuck in my tops. I’m happy that I can again. The Catholic high school I went to didn’t permit girls to wear pants with shirts tucked in; we had to wear them “tunic style” and were permitted to belt them. To this day, belting an untucked top is not an option I’d choose.
•Low-slung belts are groovy and something I really should do more often. If you guys would alert me to possibilities for this in outfits I post, it’d be awesome.

I think my figure-flattering priorities are simply different than the convention Angie’s post refers to. For me, highlighting the waist is all about making my shoulders/bust look bigger and emphasizing the difference between my waist and hips; the whole point is to make it look like I have a chest & a butt. I don’t mind being short on top and highlighting my legs one bit.

Over to you: how does your ideal for your body differ from the mainstream convention, and how do you dress because of it?