(Yes, Angie, I will also post the photo links in your dedicated thread.)

Okay, so armed with lots of good advice from the YLF crew, I ventured forth to assemble my first leggings outfits. There are two pairs of leggings involved: Shiny's snap leggings from Arden B, and Angie's INC leggings -- only without the cool zippers, which I would have loved but could only find in plus sizes.

This one is a steel blue Max & Cleo dress found for a song on Overstock.com, with the snap leggings (and yes, my own Brulees - thanks to Kari for finding a sale!):


Front of dress is really pockets:


I think the front of the dress is complicated enough that it doesn't lend itself to a necklace, but would be good with some more dramatic earrings instead, which I didn't have with me.

Second outfit is an ATL dress that I think Shiny may have alerted me to (Shiny, is that right?) I would like this with a slightly wider belt but again, didn't have one with me:


Leggings for grownups -- who knew... Thank you, Angie, it has been fun trying something fresh.