My closet was a huge mess with clothes and non-wardrobe items (Christmas tree ornaments, Halloween costumes, old scrubs, maternity clothes, bins of old T-shirts, ceramic handprints, table linens etc. etc.) all crammed in together. I've been doing a lot of ruthless closet purging and got rid of a lot of my old clothes and shoes. A lot of them still fit, but were really old and I never wore them. And I just finished getting all the non-wardrobe stuff out of there too (OK, so I just piled it on top of other messy areas elsewhere, but you gotta start somewhere...). I even organized the clothes by type and color and the shoes by type. Now I have a nice, clean, organized closet for all my pretty new clothes to go in! And there's even room for future purchases! Now I'm happy when I walk into my closet!

1 & 6. Shoes!
2. The cat loves to sit on the ottoman.
3. Short sleeve/sleeveless shirts on the left, long sleeve on the right, organized by color within each half.
4. Skirts on the left, pants and jackets on the right
5. Jewelry, scarves, belts, dresses, long coats, bathrobes, purses.
7. I forgot to take a good before picture, but this is one from a few years ago. Actually, it was way worse than this recently...I could barely walk into the closet.
8. Here's a glimpse of how messy it was recently.

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