I am so sorry, I am so behind on commenting on posts! I'm trying to get everything done before we leave for a lovely vacation in the Tennessee woods; I've been reading but not joining in. I will try to catch up tonight.

But first! I need some help. Tomorrow we are having a summer picnic at work; it's very fun, and easygoing, with a dunking machine and grilled food and last year, some hulu dances. They sent out an dress code email earlier this week, and the rules make no sense.

It's "casual" dress, but we are not allowed to wear jeans or sandals. Whaaa?!?!

I am totally flummoxed by what to wear. Do I ignore the specifics and wear a jeans skirt, cute top and sandals? White jeans? A casual dress? Oh, maybe a casual dress and leggings! I never get to wear those to work.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated! I want to stay within my style -- polished, cheery, pretty, classic -- but I'd like to be a little creative with this if I can.