Thought I'd open this topic up to get input since it's something I am struggling with. Please share your thoughts about the difference between looking smart while out and about versus looking smart at work.

Specifically, I'd love to hear about whether people think there should or should not be a distinction between smart casual and business casual. For those of you who don't wear formal clothes to work, is it important to you to maintain a distinction between what you wear at work and what you wear on your own time? If so, why? And, how do you do it? What elements play into the distinction (ie, fabric, lines, hem lengths, accessories, etc?

What I'm mostly struggling with is articulating why I feel a need to look different when I'm not at work. I work in a fairly casual environment where no one cares what I wear. While I could show up in jeans and a tee every day, I choose not to. However, it would be over the top for me to show up in formal businesswear. Thus, because I basically wear business casual most days, the line between what I wear when I'm at work and what I wear at other times has become totally blurry (mostly I mean daytime looks--going out at night looks are easier). The only real difference most times is that I don't usually wear a blazer when I'm not at work.

For some reason, though, I don't want to look as though I should or could be at work when I am out and about. I'd like to look nice, but not necessarily as though I am on my lunch break. Is this a weird idea, or should I continue to try and figure it out?

I am excited to hear what you have to say!