The denim blazer blog post/thread got me thinking of one of my plagues: I have so very little clothes (in number and style variations--not complaining here, it's good!) and mostly what sees the light of day are blue denim jeans so I get pegged as an all denim person.
Family. friends, teachers have all told me I should try dresses or jackets for special occasions---"they make them in denim you know". I've had to tell them all " I AM NOT STUCK ON DENIM!!"! I don't see myself as a denim person--it's just what I have and it's worked for me (maybe kidding myself there). My reluctance to special occasions has more to do with actually attending (don't do groups of people well) before needing to dress for it(I'm sure a stress for everyone).
I usually only wear jeans/jean skirt alone, I feel weird in my jean jacket and jeans, so I switched to a green military style jacket for that. I don't like jean/chambray shirts at all and have never worn any/have no want to either. I don't own any denim dresses either. In an attempt to get me to wear dresses when I was young my Mom bought me a denim poet blouse and matching skirt--I was all WTH and weirded out by that combo even then LOL. So even with all my preference for wear around denim I still get named the all denim person.

SO...I ask
**Have any of you ladies ever been too closely associated to denim??? **