Did anyone else read this blog entry by Sal over at Already Pretty, about how neutrals are always cooler and more chic than colours:


This really resonated with me. I realize I am probably in the minority on this forum of colour-loving women, but I overwhelmingly choose neutrals over colour. My wardrobe is overflowing with gray, black, brown, cream and navy. I own the odd bright fuschia or kelly green top (and of course several pairs of red shoes), but I'm a neutral gal at heart. I'm not conservative in anything else, though, and I always thought that was weird (I thought maybe it's a holdover from my English upbringing? Or that I have a lot of masculine qualities?). But after reading Sally's article, it all made sense. I am ALWAYS more interested in looking cool than in looking hot or beautiful or anything else, really....and I daresay Sal is correct: neutrals are cooler.

I'm just curious if others agree with this assertion, or if you somewhat or strongly disagree.