I am curbing my shopping now but I have discovered that I have a huge hole in my summer wardrobe: tops! Especially white tops! I so enjoy wear white now but I have a serious lack of white tops now. Almost everything is polyester in the stores now and I want natural fibers for summer - or at least rayon or viscose.
I was browsing Le Chateau site and I found some possible options.
What do you think of this banded top? I have been avoided banded tops before but really like how you styled one with a flared skirt. It says boatneck neckline which should work for me but it looks more like wide scoop (although coral one does look like boatneck).
There is another one I consider - silky tee. I think it should be oversize fit so I was thinking to order the biggest size. What do you think? It is a scoop neck and I am not sure about this neck on me.
There was another silk top I liked very much (both in black/white and cobalt / black) but I am afraid the V-neck is too deep for me and I will not feel it up. Too bad, I like the style, colors and the fact it is silk...
So any of those 3 tops are worth trying out? The problem is that Le Chateau shipping / return policy is not very user friendly: you pay shipping and pay return so it is pretty costly to experiment. If I risk to order I would like to know I am not off my mark to consider them.
I will also go to the store to see if they have them and if I can try them on in the store but I don't keep my hopes too high for this.
Thanks a lot!

ETA: I went to my local store tonight. Of course as my luck would run #1 was not available in the store. ##2 and 3 were as missvee reported: #2 is nice but see through and the neckline was too wide for my liking; #3 was too flimsy altogether and neckline too deep - I did not even want to try it on.

Based on missvee report I decided to order #1 in white and dark blue: fingers crossed it fits and I like it! Thanks again for all your help and missvee, you are the best!!!