Dear Angie and fab ladies,

I don't remember any discussions on this subject in the past and would like to ask you two questions.

  1. are there any general principles what makes make-up current, modern, not outdated?
  2. what do you personally do to keep your make-up and routine fresh?

Regarding the 1st question, I cannot put my finger on why some look is outdated, yet I feel I know one when I see one. As an example, shiny colourful eyeshadows scream 80s to me, as does lip-liner in darker shade than the lipstick itself. (Yeah, when and where was I growing up?)

On the other hand, that gorgeous mod eye-liner does not look out of place today, some 50 years later. How, why? What makes it so eternal?

Regarding the 2nd question, my own make-up routine has nothing to do with being modern, but as with anything else it's about nailing what makes me feel most like myself. The routine consists of simple eye make-up, blush and lipstick. I have found three shades of lipstick that work the best for me in terms of shades, quality and price range (my 'nude', red and mauve), and rotate between them depending on the occasion, outfit vibe and my own inner state. And that's all. I almost have no need to visit the make-up counters, I just browse for pure fun but usually leave feeling relieved I don't need any of those things.
Even to me this may sound like I'll be stuck looking the same forever -- but is that wrong?

Your thoughts?